The stations of life...

Remember my friend Joe at the introduction of this course? He had three options to ensure that he got to his choice destination.

He would either:

(a) get a new job or

(b) venture into private business

(c) sit, complain and do nothing constructive

Please take a moment to indicate what your choice would have been if you were in Joe’s shoes.

If I were Joe, I would


Joe’s situation was a station of life. Unfortunately, he got there without planning or having a strategy for it.

Life will spring on us stations of good and happy moments or sometimes, stations of crisis. The best way of preparing for such, is to always have a map or strategy with the different stations in mind. While emergencies are not planned for, our response and initiative to deal with them when they occur must be planned. It calls for clear thinking, honesty to self and a commitment to dealing with the emergency without creating a series of other emergencies